A Bunny-Eared Genius Battles Deadly Environmentalists In Shmup Blue Revolver



Mae, a bunny-eared programmer, finds herself under attack from environmentalists over her inventions in Blue Revolver, a Cave-inspired shmup that’s available now on Steam,, and the game’s site.




Mae is more than equipped to handle the Blue Revolver environmentalist group. Blue Revolver offers two pilots to choose from, each with three gun types they can use, along with eight different special weapons. These special weapons all have specific uses to suit a play type, from blocking bullets to clearing crowds.


Blue Revolver features a special combo system. Players can build up chains of destroyed enemies, and once they hit eight in a row, they can unleash a high-scoring attack on the next enemy. Knowing when to break their combo and which targets to hit with their final attack will go a long way to reaching high scores.




For players who are unsure of their skills, Blue Revolver offers a mission mode. Twenty-four stages will steadily train the player in all aspects of the game, as well as add a few unique challenges to really test their skills.


The game also feature an adaptive difficulty that keeps up with the player, changing whether they’re doing well or poorly. Players can choose to bypass this altogether and play on Parallel mode, though, which locks the game in at its highest difficulty, but promises a ‘nice’ reward should the player beat it.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!