Burden Of Command Explores The Emotional & Psychological Sides Of Warfare


Burden of Command is a tactical warfare game that explores the emotional and psychological sides of combat, having players deal with their soldiers’ mental states as they strive to win a battle or just survive.


Burden of Command will have players working through World War II, tactically moving and attacking through the game’s turn-based battle system. However, the player’s units won’t just blindly obey what the player asks, with each character having specific mindsets that give them a more realistic, human response to terrifying or dangerous situations.

To overcome these mindsets, which become specific attributes, players will need to exhibit strong leadership. Depending on how the player leads their soldiers, they will adjust their thought patterns, granting them a new emphasis on cunning, caution, zeal, and others, each of which affects their willingness to follow certain orders and their abilities in combat. Some of these may require that the player place more emphasis on bringing their soldiers back alive than winning an encounter, so it may require a different kind of tactical thinking for players.


Players cannot expect to give every single order they wish as well, as the game features limited command points to make decisions with. With these decisions, players will also need to decide if they will lead from afar, which grants a greater tactical view, or lead within the unit, which will build trust and respect with their soldiers, which will make leading them easier but give them less information on the battlefield.

Burden of Command is projected to release sometime in 2018.

Alistair Wong
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