Burn And Freeze Enemies Using Awaken Mode In Summon Night 5


Namco Bandai recently shared a quick look at Summon Night 5’s story along with new battle system features focusing on combination abilities with your Cross partners. Here’s what they say about the story:


There was a man with a magical sword who saw through the end of an older world and the birth of a new one. With a gentle smile, this man continuously watched over the people of this world, as it continued to change over the years. This was all possible thanks to the magical sword held by his side.


The hero spends his days relaxing while fishing, as he prays that time remains as peaceful.




Fans of the Summon Night series may have noticed that Rex from Summon Night 3 looks exactly the same in the latest title, even though Summon Night 5 takes place centuries after. Rex and the others start out as fishing instructors of the new main characters, but it is said that they’ll have a more prominent role as through the game’s progression.


The “Life Resonance Awaken” and the “Signature Awaken” abilities will be the main focus of Summon Night 5’s  “Awaken” features. Life Resonance Awaken is when a summoner combines forces with their Cross, while the Signature Awakening is an ability that unleashes a sword’s hidden power. Both features are variations to the Awaken Upgrade ability, which will be followed by the Awaken Mode.



When the main character starts their journey as a summoner, they are soul-bound to a partnered Cross. While performing the Life Resonance Awaken ability, the Cross will change the appearance of the weapon while adding a powerful upgrade to perform devastating attacks.


Here’s a look at Aruka and her Cross, Kagerou performing their Life Resonance Awaken:


The ability can be activated when both of their powers are built up. Kagerou adds the power of fire to the sword while also transforming it into a much larger weapon. While in Awakened Mode, the main character can still use the upgraded weapon and continue fighting with it temporarily. There are also other special abilities which can only be performed while in Awakened Mode.


Depending on the Cross, the abilities of the Life Resonance Awaken will vary. This is what Berié’s icy attribute looks like:



Screenshots from Summon Night 5’s opening animation:






Summon Night 5 is slated to be released in May 16th for PSP.


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