Burn the Witch #0.8 New Anime Adaptation Teaser Revealed

Burn the Witch #0.8 New Anime Announced
Image via Studio Colorido and Team Yamahitsuji

Burn the Witch, an anime and manga series written and illustrated by Tite Kubo, will return in the form of a new prequel animated series called Burn the Witch #0.8. The new project’s official website is now open. There is also an official social media account where we can expect to see updates. Studio Colorido and Team Yamahitsuji will return to animate the series once again. The air date for Burn the Witch #0.8 has yet to be revealed, but a new teaser trailer appeared on YouTube.

Burn the Witch takes place in the same universe as Bleach, Tite Kubo’s other major work. Three episodes of Burn the Witch aired in 2020. Yuina Yamada and Asami Tano will be reprising their roles as the two main heroines Noel Niihashi and Ninny Sprangcole. The story takes place in “Reverse London,” an area in which those that live there can see the dragons that are causing 72% of all deaths around the actual London. Noel and Ninny are on a mission to protect the citizens of London from these dragons.

You can view the new teaser trailer for Burn the Witch #0.8 below:

Burn the Witch #0.8 is an upcoming prequel anime to the series Burn the Witch. We aren’t sure when it will begin airing just yet. Burn the Witch is available to stream on Crunchyroll, and Viz Media handled the volume of the manga available worldwide.

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