Buying Items And Currency Exchange In Blade & Soul’s Closed Beta



As Blade & Soul’s closed beta for the western version starts on October 30th, which isn’t far off now, NCSoft has detailed more of the features that will be available in it.


First off, if you own a Founder’s Pack, you’ll have a test version of the NCoin so it won’t detract from your real NCoin when spent in the store during the closed beta. Premium Membership will cost 1 NCoin during the beta and it is giftable to friends. “And don’t worry about using your Founder’s Pack items during closed beta,” says NCSoft, “they’ll still be unclaimed and usable them once the game officially launches.”


During the closed beta you can expect to get surveys in the form of “Hajoon’s Letter.” Filling these out about your experience while playing the closed beta will give you a handful of items.


Currency exchange will be in full-swing during the closed beta. This means that you can trade NCoin for in-game gold with other players (note: players who sell gold don’t get NCoin in return but receive Hongmoon Coin). “The trading price is determined by player supply and demand, meaning what gold is available on the Exchange depends on what’s been listed by other players,” explains NCSoft.

Hongmoon Store

Finally, the Hongmoon Store will be open so you can spend your NCoin and Hongmoon Coin on various cosmetic and consumable items. The prices in the Store during the closed beta are not final and so they may change when the full game is released.

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