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Caligula Gets New Game Plus, Boss Revisits, And A New Dungeon In Latest Update



FuRyu released the Aquria-developed PS Vita RPG, Caligula, back in June for Japan, but the game just got some extra content, including a New Game Plus mode in its 1.05 update. Here are the latest details.



”New Game” allows you to start the game over while keeping your stats upon clearing the game. It’ll let you keep the following:

  • Character level
  • Experience points
  • Skill level
  • Skills  learned
  • Skill points
  • Equipped Stigma of each character
  • Possessed Stigma
  • Friendship parameters with students
  • Your Causality Link
  • World Rewards in unlocked state
  • Valuable World Reward items
  • DLC items
  • Play time


Additionally, New Game will allow you to increase levels of Digi-heads and boss characters by a multiplier of x 10 levels.




You’ll also get to revisit bosses to fight them again, by simply going to the place where you fought them.




A new warp function has been added, allowing you to warp from a save point to another save point in an area you’ve unlocked, other than the Grand Guignol. Enemy placement has also been changed in certain maps.




And finally, to commemorate the light novel of Caligula releasing on October 15, a new dungeon has been added. This area will be available only to those who clear the game, and you’ll get to fight “a certain enemy.”


Caligula is available in Japan for PlayStation Vita. The game is headed Westward in Spring 2017.

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