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Caligula’s Latest Video Shows How You’ll Need To Fight And Befriend The Students Of Mobius


660490 There are over 500 students you can befriend in Caligula’s virtual world of Mobius; however, these students won’t always be friendly, as μ’s catchy music will slowly turn them against you. The latest video for the game explains how it works.


While exploring the dungeons of Mobius, you’ll see its over 500 students wandering around. The percentage you might have noticed above their heads stands for their “Erosion Rate,” which is basically a marker for their Mobius dependency rate.


Any student with a number over 50% is considered a danger. Going near them results in a battle. This rule applies to all the students out there, even ones you may have had a casual conversation with previously. Students with lower Erosion Rates can’t tell what’s going on and just see it as a simple quarrel between students.


There are several ways that a student’s Erosion Rate can go up. The first is if they’re near any fights. That means regular students under 50% Erosion Rate might pass by and end up fighting your party if they get too close. By defeating these students, their Erosion Rates lower, but they’ll always continue rising as long as μ’s music is playing, which is the second way that it increases, albeit over time.


By taking your time to converse with the students and getting to know them better and help them out with any personal problems. From there, you can save them from μ and her music, and even recruit them into your party.


Caligula will release on June 23, 2016 for PlayStation Vita.

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