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You Can Jump To Your Doom Megadimension Neptunia VII’s Neplunker



Megadimension Neptunia VII has a rather unexpected additional game within it. There’s a collaboration between Neptunia and Spelunker called Neplunker, in which the console goddesses and their friends can dash through a dungeon in the hopes of getting a material needed to upgrade the Power Bracelet.


There is a very good chance you won’t survive.


Which isn’t such a good thing in Neplunker, because dying there means you get a game over. Not just in this minigame, but in Megadimension Neptunia VII as a whole. Pretty drastic, right? The goal is to help the characters get through the dungeon efficiently, because every action uses energy. If you run out of energy and lives, that’s it.


But back to the whole dying thing. It’s super easy. The characters are surprisingly fragile once you start Neplunker. The regular battles aren’t what will get you. Ghosts, bats, and larger opponents will roam around the areas. Avoiding them is preferable, since facing them wastes precious energy. It’ll be fine if one does catch you, as they aren’t that strong. It’s the incidental happenstances that will.


Did your character touch some poop left by the wandering monsters? You’ve lost one of your two lives.


Did you stand a little too close to some fire? Dead.


Did you miss-time the steam geysers? That does you in too.


Did you jump? Well, there’s a good chance that stole one of your lives too.


adult neptune


Yes, jumping is quite possibly the most hazardous part of Megadimension Neptunia VII’s Neplunker. Which is terrifying, because you absolutely need to jump to get through this dungeon. Sometimes, you even need to jump after getting a speed booster, which lets the character move faster and cross larger gaps. With all of the enemies and hazards, there are many times when a well timed and judged leap can help you avoid so much danger and get to a farther region of the dungeon.


The problem is, the smallest high discrepancy when jumping can result in a life lost. If you jump too far on the edge of a surface and land on a different level on the other side, even if they look equal, Neplunker counts that as a loss. You have to be very aware of the environment, making sure you’re leaping from one level surface to another on the same side that’s equally level. Even jumping in place in the wrong spot, perhaps to hear Neptune compare herself to a kangaroo or Nepgear say she’s like a bunny, could doom your character.


neplunker 2


Character choice doesn’t matter much in Megadimension Neptunia VII’s Neplunker, but I did happen upon one handy bit of information when checking Japanese blogs and forums. Blanc can be a liability, due to her jump animation. I tried it myself, and it’s much more difficult to judge jumps due to that. So setting any character other than her as your leader is a good decision.


Possibly waiting until the very end of the second arc, or maybe even your second playthrough, to really get invested in Neplunker is pretty wise too.  For the sake of disclosure, I haven’t acquired it, since you have to begin a new game plus file to get it, but it’s possible to enable a flag that gives you infinite continues in Neplunker. It really removes the stress that comes from playing the game.


If that hasn’t scared you away, then here’s how you find Neplunker in Megadimension Neptunia VII. You need to scout for the dungeon. One of the reports will randomly tell you where it is. (If you aren’t getting it, try saving before seeing scout reports, then reloading until you get the result you want.) There are two dungeons available, one in the second part of the game and one in the third.


Megadimension Neptunia VII is immediately available for the PlayStation 4.

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