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You Can Now Get Married In Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn



Explorers of Eorza can finally get married in Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn with the version 2.45 patch that went live earlier tonight. The game’s official website shares a look at some of the outfits and more information on the three tier plans for weddings.



The Eternal Bond marriage system comes in three plans of Standard, Gold, and Platinum:


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The Standard plan is for free and comes with the white attire, while the Gold package costs 10 dollars and has the one shown in red, and the Platinum plan goes for $20 and the couple gets the blue outfit. Keep in mind that you can dye garments from both Gold and Platinum Plans, but the Standard Plan garments can’t be dyed.


Here’s what else is included in the different plans:


  • Standard Plan: The entry-level ceremony plan. Includes eternity rings, ceremony attire, a special emote, a special furnishing item, and special hairstyles.


  • Gold Plan: In addition to the features included in the standard plan, the gold plan offers dyeable ceremony attire, a special ceremony Chocobo, carpeting and flower color options, and additional options for the ceremony’s procession and recession.


  • In addition to the features included in the standard and gold plans, the platinum plan offers additional dyeable ceremony attire, and additional color options for carpeting and flowers.


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The Eternal Ring, it lets you teleport to your partner’s side, but you must be attuned to the aetheryte closest to your partner at that time.



The embrace emote (shown on the top image) is given to all three plans, along with the Eternity Cake, which can be placed at a home as a furnishing item, but you won’t be able to eat it.


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The Demon Box Minion can be given to guests who attend weddings of Gold and Platinum plans, while the Ceremony Chocobo is also given to partners who opt with the paid wedding plans.


Producer Naoki Yoshida previously joked in the latest Live Letter, the development team created the marriage system in a way that it’s as much of a pain to set up in-game as it is to do in real life. You can read more about it on the official page for the ceremony of Eternal Bonding.

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