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You Can Be A Sentient Tree In Beautiful MMO Wander, Coming To PS4


Wander is a non-combative MMO in which you can explore a lush jungle environment as a range of fantasy creatures. It’s heading to PlayStation 4 and PC.


In Wander, you start off as an Oren – a sentient, walking tree – but can become a griffin, an azertash – which specializes in swimming – and a hira, which seems to be an eagle of sorts.


From your starting point deep inside a forest, you explore outwards, following the sounds of operatic singing voices to find new discoveries, including other online players and ways to transform.



You’ll also find lorestones along the way, which have you learn more about the cultures and histories of each of the playable creatures, eventually letting you discover bigger secrets of the world.


The creator of Wander, Loki Davison, says on the PlayStation Blog that it’s the result of wanting to make a game that is “atmospheric, relaxing and multiplayer.” This aspiration came to him after travelling around Central Asia, Siberia, the Arctic and Himalayas, and also having played a lot of MUDs when he was younger.


You can find out more about Wander on its website.

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