Cancelled Mega Man Universe Robot Master And Soundtrack Leaked


mm universe 1

Remember Mega Man Universe? The “Mega Man Maker” title was originally announced in 2010, and would have Rockman, Mega Man, and Bad Box Art Mega Man as playable characters. Sadly though, it was cancelled in early 2011, citing “various reasons”.


Earlier this month, Rockman Corner had some information to share regarding some of the unpublished materials for Mega Man Universe, including some of the redesigned Mega Man 2 bosses in that game’s artstyle, as well as some Capcom Sound Team-produced tracks.


Check out some of the art below. They were drawn by Kimo Kimo (Takenori Kimoto), who would later go on to Comcept and draw the character designs for Mighty No. 9:

Air Heat

Quick crash


Next there are the music tracks below:


You can hear Wood Man’s theme from one of the gameplay trailers released back in 2010, Crash Man’s theme in the Character Customization trailer here for comparison, which proves the leak’s authenticity. Either way, you can check out more artwork as well as some download options for the OST at Rockman Corner here.


Looking back at the endeavor in 2019, it’s almost a shame that the game was cancelled, considering tie-ins with mascot characters, and the supposed inclusion of Ryu and more as extra customization skins. While Capcom has never officially stated the specific reasons why, it was followed months later by the cancellation of Mega Man Legends 3. Considering the popularity that games like Mega Man Maker and Super Mario Maker would have, it all feels like a missed opportunity.


Mega Man Universe was cancelled in 2011.

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