Nintendo 3DS

Capcom And Nintendo To Announce Their Latest Collaboration Soon



Earlier in the week, we got a look at Monster Hunter 4’s opening movie, in addition to a new “Guild Quest” feature that will be available in the game. The Japanese Engadget blog follows up with further details that reveal Capcom and Nintendo are currently working on some sort of collaboration, soon to be announced.


As previously reported, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata stated that the company has sold over 5.5 million 3DS units in Japan in 2012, and they hope to sell over 5 million units in Japan alone in 2013. According to reports, the 3DS is a highly connected console, boasting over a 90% connectivity rate, which Monster Hunter 4 will be taking full advantage of, with the game’s online multiplayer feature, which has been long-awaited feature for the handheld versions of the series.


During a recent event, Nintendo and Capcom also expressed their intent to do something special to symbolize the tag-team effort that the two companies put into Monster Hunter 4. While it hasn’t been revealed whether it will be related to Monster Hunter 4, further details regarding the collaboration will be revealed sometime before the September 14th release date of the game, in a “Direct!” fashion, according to the two companies.


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