Capcom Is Developing A New Engine For Its Own Project Morpheus Games



Capcom is developing a new game engine specifically for its future titles that will be released on Sony’s upcoming virtual reality headset Project Morpheus.


The engine renders visuals at 1080p HD and at 60 frames per second. It also supports Project Morpheus’s 120 frames per second output. The name of this game engine hasn’t been decided upon or, at least, not been made public yet. However, Capcom is showcasing a tech demo at its E3 booth on PlayStation 4 that is acting as a sample of the technical achievements of this game engine.


The tech demo is titled “KITCHEN” as it drops you inside a disturbing kitchen that Capcom reckons “provides the unsettling backdrop for a tense scenario that draws players into a hyper-realistic virtual world.” This effect is helped along by the tech demo’s incorporation of DTS’s latest surround sound tech, the Headphone: X, to provide its auditory realism that apparently matches the high-quality of the visuals.


Capcom says that it plans to use this technology along with “advanced photo scan and visual effects tools to bring highly realistic characters and environments to life, delivering exciting new gameplay experiences for fans.”

Chris Priestman