Capcom Made Mega Man And Phoenix Wright Eyeglasses



    Capcom is making all kinds of memorabilia for their 30th anniversary including a pair of Mega Man eyeglasses from Zoff.


    ZA31063_A-1 ZA31063_A-1_2 ZA31063_A-1_3 ZA31063_A-1_4


    On one side you have Mega Man shooting through a level and on the other Dr. Wily is pleading for mercy. The glasses include a case and a cleaning cloth with various robot masters. Zoff will sell these for 5,250 yen, but will cost more if you need corrective lenses.


    Capcom also has Phoenix Wright, Ghosts’n Goblins, and Resident Evil glasses with Mega Man-esque character art.


    Phoenix Wright

    ZA31062_C-1 ZA31062_C-1_2 ZA31062_C-1_4 ZA31062_C-1_3


    Ghosts’n Goblins

    ZA31064_E-2 ZA31064_E-2_2 ZA31064_E-2_3 ZA31064_E-2_4


    Resident Evil

    ZA31061_B-1 ZA31061_B-1_2 ZA31061_B-1_3 ZA31061_B-1_4

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