mhitems14Sukajan is a type of jacket that looks like a high school varsity jacket, but has a distinct Japanese flair with embroidered dragons and phoenixes.


Capcom caught on to this trend and made a Monster Hunter sukajan jacket with Jinouga on the back.


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The Monster Hunter sukajan jacket costs 33,600 yen ($431) and will be available on Capcom Japan’s online store.


Capcom also made a Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate t-shirt with Japanese style illustrations. This is available in white and blue for 2,993 yen ($38).

プリント プリント


This 1,260 yen ($16) mug has the 48 monsters from Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate on it.

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These little Mega Potion, Demondrug, and Power Juice medicine bottles are cell phone decorations and are 840 yen ($11) each.

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Capcom also has a Monster Hunter 2013 calendar for 1,260 yen ($16).

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