Capcom Planning A “Full-Scale Offensive” For Fiscal Year Ending March 31, 2017



Capcom released their financial results for the fiscal year of 2015, where they revealed their plans to go all out for the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017.


Here’s what Capcom had to say about prospects for the next (current) fiscal year:


As for the future outlook, with the growth of mobile games, which face relatively low barriers to entry, the industry will continue to expand its market size, while the competitive environment is expected to intensify even further, as a fierce battle for survival will unfold for market leadership.


Amid structural changes to the industry, the Company will concentrate its management resources on the core division of home video game software development, while unifying its US-Japan development structure and improving its product line-up based on a medium-term development map, in order to inject new life into the underperforming Mobile Contents business.


Additionally, the Company will strive to increase the number of customers through enhanced customer satisfaction by offering contents that will appeal to a broad range of users, in addition to accumulating optimal operating and management knowhow required after the games have been distributed.


Furthermore, in an effort to diversify its revenue sources in conjunction with the diversification of its sales format and to mitigate inventory burden and reduce distribution costs, the Company will promote its profitable digital download sales, in addition to package products that have limited sales runs.


Moreover, as business expansion in the vast overseas markets will be indispensable to ensure sustainable growth, the Company will be targeting its offensive on the Asian market where online games are growing in popularity. To this end, it has launched a new division to oversee this region. Moreover, the Company will take advantage of the foothold provided by the strong showing in China. With the success of “Monster Hunter Online”, which was jointly distributed by Tencent Holdings Limited in cooperation with the Company, the Company shall further focus penetrating the Company brand in the Chinese market where there is still ample room for growth. Through such full-scale expansion The Company seeks further business opportunities.


Meanwhile, in consideration of the Act of Promotion of Women’s Participation and Advancement in the Workplace, which went into effect from April 2016, the Company has been making further efforts to support the advancement of women in the workplace by ensuring a friendly environment for female workers through such means as providing internal nursery care services, while at the same time improving the internal environment in order to increase the percentage of women in the Company’s manager positions to 15% by 2021.


In the fiscal year ending March 31, 2017, the Company is scheduled to release the strategic titles of “Sengoku Basara Sanada Yukimura-den” (for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3), which showcases the life of Sanada Yukimura, and “Resident Evil Umbrella Corps” (for PlayStation 4 and PC) of the “Resident Evil” series, which marked its 20th anniversary in March 2016, as warm up to the full-scale offensive planned for the second half of the year. Additionally, the Company is also scheduled to launch “Ace Attorney 6” (for the Nintendo 3DS system) and “Monster Hunter Stories” (for the Nintendo 3DS system).”

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