Nintendo Switch

Capcom Plans To Continue Developing Switch Games, Considering Online Games



Capcom held its 39th shareholders meeting earlier this month. The company shared parts of the Q&A with shareholders, where they answered questions on eSports, Switch games, and more.


Q.Regarding your sales strategy for video game software, how are you thinking about the ratio of sales for each game platform?

A.We are pursuing a multi-platform strategy; because the functionality and specifications of each hardware platform differs, we carry out development that best suits the functionality of each.


Q.Regarding esports, I believe it would be best to develop multiplayer online games because team-based competitive games are the mainstream. Capcom is currently using Street Fighter, but what are your thoughts on utilizing other titles in esports?

A.We plan to continue promoting Street Fighter as our flagship esports title in the future. Additionally, we will consider developing multiplayer online games and act accordingly. Also, note that it is possible to play Monster Hunter: World with up to four people throughout the globe.


Q.I believe that if the number of Nintendo Switch units sold increases, it should positively impact Capcom’s performance. What are your impressions of the Switch? A.We currently have Monster Hunter XX (Double Cross) Nintendo Switch Ver. available for the Nintendo Switch, and plan to continue developing other titles for this platform in the future. Additionally, going forward we would like to focus on esports, as well as developing video games that take advantage of connection speed improvements on smart phones and those that support ongoing visual improvements in televisions

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