Capcom Is Selling Beer Steins For Thirsty Monster Hunters




Hunting’s a tiring job, lad. Why, everyone knows that after a day hunting down Tigrex and other beasties, what ya need to unwind is some meat and a good mug of beer.



A100049921410 beer3

Someone must have had that line of reasoning in their head, because Capcom are releasing several special Monster Hunter-themed wooden barrel beer steins.


These come in different sizes, from the smallest 380ml one featuring Felynes right up to a 1 litre behemoth that bears either the Monster Hunter logo or a Guild crest. The different steins are made from different sorts of wood, such as Japanese cedar or beech.




It’s the little touches that are awesome too. The 1L stein sets have a nicely stamped logo congratulating you on finishing your drink at the bottom of the cup. Drink it all down in a shot lads!

A100049921210 A100049921310

These steins range in price from 5,184 yen for the smalls to 8,424 yen for the large 1L steins.


You can order them now here, with delivery starting from September 30th.