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Capcom Shows Off More Of Block Man And Fuse Man’s Stages From Mega Man 11


fuse man

In a recent session of Capcom TV that took place this week, more of Mega Man 11’s Block Man and Fuse Man’s stages were shown off, as well as an introduction to how Newcomer Mode helps people who aren’t familiar with platforming games.


In Fuse Man’s stage we see gratuitous use of the Power and Speed Gears, including the usage of the Speed Gear in order to overcome electric barriers, and the Power Gear, which can even blast apart enemies hiding behind shields. Capcom also shows off that you can switch between both Gears on the fly with the shoulder buttons, instead of needing to turn off one gear before activating the other.


Here’s Fuse Man’s stage below:


For Block Man’s stage, Capcom showed off Newcomer Mode, a mode for people who are new to the genre. In Newcomer Mode, Beat (Mega Man’s bird-type support robot) will come save Mega Man from any bottomless pits. While Beat is also available in the other modes, Beat has unlimited uses in Newcomer Mode. Furthermore, while Mega Man usually immediately dies to any contact with spikes, Newcomer Mode allows Mega Man to take unlimited non-fatal hits from spikes.


Another advantage in Newcomer Mode is that it removes Mega Man’s 3-shot limit (Mega Man is usually limited to three shots on screen at all times). Regarding the Double Gear system, the overheat gauge will build up slower and recover quicker in Newcomer Mode.


As for the stage itself, Capcom showed off how utilizing the Power Gear effectively can make finishing off mid-bosses much quicker. The devilish Evil Eddie, who takes away helpful items, also makes an appearance. Rush Coil’s gauge is also revealed to be the energy for the red bar that’s next to Mega Man’s health bar, and Rush can be used with the Triangle button at any time. Finally, more of Block Man’s boss battle is shown off.


Here’s Block Man’s stage below:


(Fun trivia: Mega Man using a double Charge Shot in mid-air gives him recoil, which hasn’t been a thing in classic Mega Man titles since Mega Man IV on Game Boy.)


Mega Man 11 releases on October 2, 2018 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC. You can check out our previous report on how Mega Man’s current 3D model was finalized here, while Capcom revealed the secrets behind Mega Man 11’s stage design here.

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