Buy Exclusive Tokyo Game Show 2020 Street Fighter Merchandise Through the eCapcom Online Store

Street Fighter Tokyo Game Show 2020

To commemorate Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online, Capcom has listed a series of Street Fighter themed goods on the eCapcom online shop. Aside from general Capcom themed merchandise, fans will be able to get their hands on a series of exclusive TGS 2020 Street Fighter themed t-shirts and hoodies. Both commemorative t-shirts will cost ¥3,800 or roughly $35 and the hoodies will cost ¥8,000 or $74. These items are currently available to purchase through the eCapcom online store and will be shipped on September 24, 2020. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]

The t-shirts currently come in two varieties; one with a more simplified design that only has the Tokyo Game Show 2020 Capcom logo on it, while the other has a Street Fighter print on the front of the shirt. Whereas the hoodies also come in two varieties, one featuring the Street Fighter print that is seen on the t-shirts, and lastly a fight stick themed hoodie with an illustration by Japanese illustrator Bengus.

Once again, these items are currently available to pre-order through the eCapcom online store. More themed merchandise will be announced and released to commemorate to Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online. Additionally, buy purchasing goods from the Capcom online store during this time, you will receive twice as many eCapcom points as usual.

Tokyo Game Show 2020 Online will run from September 23 to September 27.

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