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Capcom Wants People To Keep Records Of Rage Quitters



Capcom has been regularly updating people on the state of Street Fighter V via the Capcom-Unity blog. Just before the weekend, the fifth Post Launch Status Update was posted, and it asked for something from people playing the game. Since Capcom doesn’t have a means of dealing with rage quitters, people who disconnect before a match ends so they don’t lose their rank and win streaks, it is asking players for assistance.


The company wants people to prepare to report Street Fighter V’s disconnecting players by taking screenshots when it happens. Capcom recommends doing so using the PlayStation 4’s Share button once a match ends. People playing on PCs, via Steam, could press the designated screenshot shortcut key to grab the image. (it’s F12 by default.) Twitch archives and recorded footage will also work as evidence.


This week, Capcom will provide an update detailing how they will punish people who have been rage quitting Street Fighter V. The information gathered by people who have encountered disconnecting players and saved proof should come into play then. A more permanent solution to the rage quitting problem is being put together, though the company doesn’t have a release window for that fix.


Street Fighter V is immediately available for the PlayStation 4 and Windows PCs. @SFVServer is Capcom’s official account for update information and maintenance notifications.

Jenni Lada
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