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Capcom Welcomes New Technology But Will Focus More On “Uniqueness”


Capcom, the company that brought us hit game series such as Street Fighter, Resident Evil, Mega Man, and more recently Monster Hunter and Ace Attorney, are celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, and were featured in an interview with Famitsu, where consumer games division director Katsuhiko Ichii had a few words to share about his vision of the company’s future.


While there are many titles that come to mind when we think of Capcom, one of the most recently successful ones is, without a doubt, Monster Hunter. With Monster Hunter 4 coming out next month in Japan, Ichii tells Famitsu that he’d like to make it the best selling Monster Hunter game to date.


“We just released Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies on the 25th of July, and Monster Hunter 4 will be following shortly on September 14th,” says Ichii. “In addition to the great response I’ve been feeling from it, it’s a game that the development team are greatly confident in, so I believe you should look forward to it.”


Not only do Capcom expect Monster Hunter 4 to be the best selling title of the franchise, but it will also boast the most volume of content we’ve seen from the series that practically created its own genre.


“Yes, in terms of quality, I’m confident that we’ll be offering the best product possible. Not only do I hope to see it break sales records of the past installments, but I’d also like to see it surpass other unprecedented records,” Ichii says, adding that the company is putting efforts into other new challenges as well, such as the upcoming Nintendo 3DS title Gaist Crusher, which will be geared towards a younger audience.


Capcom have a handful of titles they’ll be releasing in the next few months, which they’re very eager to see how well they perform; however, they’re also keeping an eye on what lies ahead for next-generation consoles.


“In the next three to five years, the next-generation consoles will be released, and I believe that F2P (free-to-play) titles will be a big part of it,” expresses Ichii.


“The continuity of game systems and administrations will definitely be changing compared to what we’ve had until now. Additionally, when it comes to visual presentations, we saw some of considerably high quality at E3, and I believe that quality will be rising much higher. I also believe that Capcom will have to put in more effort [in this regard].”


He continues, “However, techniques aren’t determined by a single approach or tool, so simply polishing a technique isn’t enough. The feelings you get from playing titles that were popular in America and Europe the past few years come from their graphics, story and operability, but they are not exceptionally great in each of those regards. In fact, it’s specific parts that stand out. For example, some show a prominent world setting, while others have unique game systems.”


Ichii feels that, ultimately, a game boils down to its “selling point” and what makes it unique. “If other games don’t have it, then this game should have such parts. Having ‘uniqueness’ will be an important factor for brands,” he expresses. “In the future, technology will progress, and the way [games] are played will also change, but I believe that uniqueness is the part we must continue thriving for. In that regard, I believe that each title should require proper consultation and planning. I believe that it’s where Capcom’s qualities will come through.”


Finally, a message for the fans who’ve supported Capcom over the years.


Ishii: “I hope that you all enjoy Ace Attorney: Dual Destinies and Monster Hunter 4 to your heart’s content this summer. Afterwards, Capcom will be releasing many titles we’ve taken on the challenge of developing. I hope you look forward to it; then the next year and the year after, we’ll do our best to release more great titles thanks to your continued support.”

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