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Capcom’s Official Street Fighter V Netcode Fix Has Been Released

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Capcom is finally addressing online issues in Street Fighter V: Champion Edition and other versions of the game with a Street Fighter V netcode patch. However, initial reports suggest it still seems to need some work, with players still attempting to figure out how exactly it works and explaining what it does (and doesn’t) do.

Here’s Producer Yoshinori Ono’s tweet announcing the Street Fighter V netcode patch release and asking for people to let Capcom know what adjustments and changes might be needed.

Street Fighter V netcode has been an issue for years. It even got to the point where fans took things into their own hands, with Altimor’s fan fix released to help combat the situation. (As a note, the Capcom patch blocks fan patches.)

Players have been attempting to work out how it works, with those on Reddit attempting to determine if the Capcom Street Fighter V netcode patch performs similarly to Altimor’s. Two users named TOOLASSISTED and Arlieth have been looking at the data and providing updates, with TOOLASSISTED reporting that Capcom’s fix does appear to check ping on every frame, like Altimor’s.

Street Fighter V: Champion Edition is available for the PlayStation 4 and PC.

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