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Capsule Force For PS4 Looks Like A 16-Bit Japanese Anime ‘80s Arcade Game



Klobit has revealed that its anime-inspired action arcade game Capsule Force is heading to PlayStation 4 in early 2015.


In 1v1 or 2v2 matches, you play on either the pink or blue side and attempt to fight back your opponent while avoiding traps and riding a tram to the final screen to win. There are eight different arenas to try out.


There is also a single-player mission mode with over 30 missions to unlock and complete, ranging from dodging traps, to shooting targets, and racing against the clock.


“As fans of retro Japanese games and anime, we really wanted to share our love of the days of cassette tapes and CRT televisions by pulling inspiration from both ’80s space anime aesthetics and the fast-paced nature of arcade games,” Klobit wrote on the PlayStation Blog.


This influence has seen Capsule Force kitted out with levitating characters, big energy beams, and a visual style made to emulate the look of 16-bit Japanese arcade games from the ‘80s.

Chris Priestman