Captain An Airship, Or Perform Theatre, In 2D MMO Ever Adventure



From their humble beginnings as an errand boy, players will rise up to become captain of an airship, fighting undead foes and combing the land for treasure in Ever Adventure, an upcoming free-to-play 2D MMO on Steam Greenlight.




Set to release in Q4 this year, Ever Adventure starts players off with errand jobs that will slowly lead to greatness. Players will have access to six character classes with which they can tackle the game’s sixty dungeons. They can also tangle in airship battles or complete twenty-player raids.




Found equipment will require a lot of luck, as it will have random attributes. Players can try to get around that with crafting supplies to make their own equipment, though.




Players can also fight in an arena ladder for special prizes. If they wish to get away from combat for a while, there will also be weekend fishing competitions, as well as daily theatre performances players can take part in.

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