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Captain Levi Walks Us Through The Four Game Flow Steps of Attack on Titan



Koei Tecmo’s official website for the upcoming Attack on Titan game has a new feature called “Teach me, Captain Levi,” which gives us a look at the four steps of game flow for the action game.


Step 1:

At Camp you’ll get to have conversations with different characters as you work your way through the episodes. The Camp is your base of operations and you’ll get to see several other characters hanging out here as well. This is also the place where you upgrade weapons, prep items, and get ready for the next part.


Step 2:

The next part is where an event scene starts, followed by the battle. The game has events that are depicted in high-quality graphics, so you’ll get to re-experience numerous famous scenes. Just look at Levi go!


Step 3:

There are all kinds of happenings going on at the battlefield that must be taken care of to ensure victory. While going out to do just that, you’ll also need to fight Titans. Since it can be dangerous out there, you’ll need to analyze the situation and decide on your next steps from here. You’ll see sub-missions during battles, get help from powerful allies, and also acquire important items.


Step 4:

After battle, you’ll get to check out the main event scene, then head back to camp. The game follows the flow of these four steps and repeats until the main story is cleared.


Finally, here’s a look at some of the latest screenshots showing off the Armored Titan and Beast Titan:


attack-on-titan_160115-1 attack-on-titan_160115-2

attack-on-titan_160115-3 attack-on-titan_160115-4

 attack-on-titan_160115-5 attack-on-titan_160115-6

 attack-on-titan_160115-7 attack-on-titan_160115-8

 attack-on-titan_160115-9 attack-on-titan_160115-10

Attack on Titan will release in Japan on February 18, 2016 for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita. The game is headed westward in 2016. You can check out more details on the game in our earlier report.

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