Capture Enemies To Turn Them Into Allies In Pixel Mystery Dungeon



Pixel Mystery Dungeon has players trying to become the true hero of the land, doing so by killing the old hero with some monstrous help.


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Players will be able to choose from four classes (Wizard, Warrior, Archer, and Assassin), tackling the monsters that roam through the 200 dungeons of this roguelike adventure. Each class offers an array of abilities and equipment they can use, offering a few options for how players would like to tackle this lengthy quest.


Players can also recruit monsters as they strive to become the hero. By catching some of the game’s variou enemies, they can turn them into useful allies, although the game does not specify whether that entails using them in combat or if they just confer handy tools and abilities.


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Pixel Mystery Dungeon is raising votes on Greenlight, and is set to release in Spring of 2017.

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