This Cartoon-Based Action RPG Has Lava Walking, Explosive Bananas, And Elderly People



Super Cane Magic ZERO is an upcoming action-RPG based on the work of Italian nonsense cartoonish Scottecs. As such, it’s a bit barmy, as the trailer above will inform you.


In Super Cane Magic ZERO, the Wizard Cake dies from sneezing which leaves his magic cane to the paws of his dog. With so much power in the hands of a dog, chaos ensues. Rivers turn into steaks, grass into lava, and the internet is suddenly slow (although that happens to me regularly).


It’s your job as Coso to restore order to the world, or what there was of it before, as Coso is so naive he actually has the power to make things he believes in come true. This means that if he believes he can walk on lava hard enough then it will turn into a superpower for him and then he can.


And that’s how the game goes, with seven areas for you to explore full of puzzles, quirky characters, secrets, and treasures to find. Most interactions in the game are done by throwing, so you throw keys at doors, and elderly people at monsters, and salami at everything.


Super Cane Magic ZERO was successfully funded on Eppela, which means it will be coming to Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. There’s chance it could come to other consoles including PlayStation Vita and Wii U, too.


You can vote for Super Cane Magic ZERO on Steam Greenlight.

Chris Priestman