Cartoonish Fighter Slashers: The Power Battle Features Customizable Characters


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Slashers: The Power Battle, a cartoonish fighting game, will allow players to unlock gear and customize the look of their chosen warrior in one of its modes.


Slashers: The Power Battle pits Templars, ninja, shaman, Ottoman warriors, and beast-men against one another to see who is the strongest. Using four attack buttons connected with three input styles (for simpler or more arcade-like controls), players can access the special abilities and character-specific melee strikes of each of the fighters, using them to carve up their opponents (quite literally, as each character has a lethal finisher that can be used when the opponent is low on health).

The game draws from Guilty Gear in some aspects of its special moves, with players able to execute Power Recoveries (like Roman Cancels in Guilty Gear) as well as powerful Chaos Break moves when they have filled a meter enough (similar to Burst moves, again from Guilty Gear). Through these movesets, the developers hope to add tactical elements to each match.


Slashers: The Power Battle offers online play for players to battle across the world, tutorials to learn each character, an arcade mode to learn their story, and a journey mode (a survival type game where players can earn medals to unlock gear to customize their character within that mode).

Slashers: The Power Battle is available now on Steam Early Access.

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