Cassette Beasts Is a Pokemon-Like Where You Fuse With Your Monsters

cassette beasts pokemon

A wild Pokemon-like has appeared. It is Cassette Beasts from Bytten Studio, the developer of The Legend of Zelda-like Lenna’s Inception. Except here, PC players will be able to “record” monsters’ data onto cassettes, then transform into them into battles. They’ll fight alongside others to find their way around an unknown land and perhaps get back home.

Here’s the Cassette Beasts announcement trailer. It begins with the player washing ashore on New Wirral, an island filled with unusual monsters. You’re approached by a Traffikrab, a hermit crab wearing a traffic cone. However, a woman named Kayleigh appears to save you. She uses a monster she’s recorded to transform and fight back. From there, the video shows what it looks like when you and other NPCs transform, and then also even fuse together to make a stronger monster, then face other foes. It also shows how monster abilities will be used in the overworld to reach new places and that spending time with NPC allies will boost relationships in a way that powers up fusions.

On the official website, only Windows and Linux platforms have been confirmed for Cassette Beasts and it only has a TBA release window. However, it does note that Bytten is looking for funding and a publisher and is considering a console release.

Jenni Lada
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