Castaway Paradise Is Out Now; It’s The Closest Thing To Animal Crossing On iOS



Stolen Couch Games has released its Animal Crossing-like game Castaway Paradise on iOS as a timed exclusive. It will be coming to Android at a later date.


Castaway Paradise lets you live a life on an island at your own pace. Aside from meeting the many animal villagers and completing tasks for them in exchange for gifts, you can go fishing, grow plants, decorate the island, catch bugs, choose your own outfit, and partake in plenty of other activities.


So, yeah, it’s quite a lot like Animal Crossing. However, the big difference is that Castaway Paradise is a free-to-play game.


Yep, that means there are in-app purchases on offer. But there are also subscriptions available that give you VIP status for either one month, six months, or twelve months – depends on what you’re after.


Castaway Paradise can be downloaded for free right now on the App Store. There’s more information about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman