Cat-Ninja Fighting Game Samudai Gets A Single Player Mode



Geek Sloth Games has updated its cat-ninja arena-battler Samudai with a single player mode. So if you don’t have any friends within grabbing distance to play the local multiplayer you can at least claw AI opponents now.


Each showdown in Samudai takes place in a single-screen stage that each have unique mechanics you can utilize as you try to slash, dash, and cat scratch your opponents.  The waterfall level has you all competing on logs above a deadly lake of water, for example.


There are six game modes, including the main deathmatch mode, Yarn Ball (think soccer), Emperor of the Hill, Hold Your Ground, Last Cat Standing, and now Lone Samudai.



Geek Sloth says that the new update has also brought many technical changes that should improve the game overall. The previously unattainable Water Kitty achievement is now possible to get, too.


You can purchase Samudai on Steam for $4.99.

Chris Priestman