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Cat Quest Is Making Its Way To Steam On August 8, Later In 2017 For PS4 And Switch



Publisher PQube announced that Cat Quest, the top-down 2D RPG inspired by Final Fantasy and Skyrim and developed by Singapore-based The Gentlebros, is releasing on PC via Steam on August 8 and late 2017 for PS4 and Switch.


Cat Quest is an open-world RPG set in a world full of cats, where you’ll need to help the hero cat save his kidnapped sister from the evil Drakoth while exploring the massive continent of Felingard with everything from real-time combat to customizable equipment.


Here’s more information from PQube on Cat Quest:

  • Real-time Combat – Combat in Cat Quest takes place entirely in real time, allowing you to get close to enemies with a slash of your blade, dodge roll to avoid a counter-attack, and then finish them off with powerful magic! Wield the ancient spells of Lightnyan, Flamepurr, and Healpaw to vanquish your foes! (Fur real!)


  • Equipment Customization – Outfit your catventurer with a whole basket of equipment! Prefurr casting spells? Don an arcane hood, robes, and a staff to bolster your mana reserves! Want to protect yourself from attack? Deck out your catventurer with chainmail armor to increase your health and provide an extra level of protection. Weapons, armor, and spells can be mixed and matched to create the purrfect combinations for your playstyle!


  • World Exploration – The world of Felingard is littered with interesting places and people! Discover a possessed town whose residents lust for obscene amounts of meat, assist the mages Mewlin and Meowgan in their search to break a magic seal, and locate someone’s missing delivery of “House of Parchments” and “The Pouncing Dead”. Exploration is one of the main scratching posts of Cat Quest, and with locations such as Bermewda’s Triangle, the Furbidden Fields, and Pawt City to explore, it’s time to get pawing!


  • Soundtrack – Experience an enchanting orchestral score inspired by classic RPGs!


Cat Quest will be available on PC via Steam on August 8, 2017. The game releases on PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch sometime in late 2017.