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Cat Science Puzzler MouseCraft Is Heading To Xbox One, Wii U Later This Year



Crunching Koalas has revealed that it will be bringing its PC and PlayStation puzzle game Mousecraft to Xbox One and Wii U later this year.


MouseCraft has you guiding lab mice through a series of experiments designed by a crazy cat scientist who is trying to unlock the potential of a mysterious mice-powered machine. You’ll see the cat peering in from the background in each level while you guide the mice in the foreground.



The idea here is to help the mice in each test chamber to reach the smelly platter of cheese at the far end. To do this you use tetrominoes to lay a path for the mice to scuttle along. And these tetrominoes have different properties, including solid (default) blocks, crumbling and explosive ones, and the jelly blocks that bounce the mice high into the air where they can reach new platforms.


Crunching Koalas sums up MouseCraft as a combination of Tetris and Lemmings. It makes sense, as you have to ensure the tetrominoes fit into the level, but also have to guide the mice—who walk automatically, but you’re able to use “active pause” to get control of the situation—without landing them in trouble and getting them killed.



You can find out more about MouseCraft on its website.

Chris Priestman