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Catch Dragon Quest Builder’s Metal Slime Edition Vita Before It Escapes



Sony Computer Entertainment Japan Asia announced that they’re releasing a limited “Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition” PlayStation Vita in Japan, alongside Dragon Quest Builders.



20151112-psvita-04 20151112-psvita-07

The Dragon Quest Metal Slime Edition includes the following:


  • PlayStation Vita console (PCH-2000 series) Wi-Fi model, Metal Slime original design and original theme pre-installed


  • Dragon Quest Builders software for PS Vita


  • Liquid Metal Slime figure for earphone jack


  • USB Cable


  • Power Cable


20151112-psvita-05 20151112-psvita-06

The whole bundle will cost 25,980 yen plus tax, and it’ll also include a pretty sweet box for the game.


Dragon Quest Builders and its Metal Slime Edition PlayStation Vita bundle will release in Japan on January 28, 2016.

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