Catch, Evolve And Train Monsters? Why, We’re Talking About Hunter Island Of Course!




From the dev team that brought us the localized version of Adventure Bar Story (which is the sort of amazingly fun game where ingredients A and X were mixed into something fantastically fun to while away the time) comes iOS title, Hunter Island.


At first blush, a certain very familiar monster-collecting game might pop into your head, but developers Zigza Game tried to make Hunter Island their own. There’s over 300 monsters to catch, combine with one another in horrific experiments and evolve into something glorious like an Omegawyrm. A monster called an Omegawyrm? OK, I’m wiling to check this out just based on that name alone.




Alongside that is a promised 60-plus hours of questing in more than 100 different quests. There are infinite dungeons so you’ll never get bored diving into the same regions over and over, they say, as well as online battles against friends using the iOS Game Centre. There’s also a unique Army vs Army mechanic. Oh, there’s also support for German, Italian, French, Spanish and Japanese.


Hunter Island will be out on the iOS November 14th.


1world1 10TitleScreen

3Battle2 4Evolve

5Combine 7Monsterpedia

8Dungeon 9worldmapview