Catlateral Damage Will Offer You The Chance To Be A Rampaging Kitty On May 27th



Life must be easier as a cat. You just lounge around all day, mewl at a human to get food, and occasionally destroy fragile items for your own entertainment. You’ll be able to find out how good all that feels when Catlateral Damage comes out on May 27th for Steam and Ouya.


You may have heard of Catlateral Damage before as it blew up on the internet last year. It was Greenlit in eight days, met its Kickstarter goal in ten days, and was featured on huge news sites such as NBC News and Time.


Catlateral Damage’s success before it has even been released is probably due to it combining cats with destruction. That’s two things the internet loves. It asks you only to be a cat and to knock things on the ground with your paws within a time limit. Be a mischievous cat – who doesn’t want that?



The idea of the game is simply to get as high a score as possible by destroying anything and everything in your sight. Turn a prim and proper house into domestic debris while your owners are out. The houses your rampage around are procedurally generated so as to allow for more challenge in replays.


There are also collectibles to find, more playable cats to unlock, and power-ups to make use of as you turn into a furry ball of destruction.

Chris Priestman