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The Catmancer And Patissier Are A Winning Combination In Bravely Second



With a JRPG like Bravely Second, it can be easy to put together builds for characters that rely on attack and defense. Choosing a character to act as a party’s cheerleader, however, can be a little trickier. This is someone who can be ready to buff a party like crazy or whittle down an opponent’s defense. Fortunately, two of the new jobs added to this installment focus on making a character a strong supporter. You can’t beat a character that’s maxed out the Catmancer and Patissier abilities.


Someone with both of these jobs maxed out is going to be one of your party’s best assets. An expensive asset, due to the cost of the items needed to make confections and get cats to do their bidding, sure, but a good ally all the same. The Catmancer/Patissier character is going to be focus on enfeebling enemies, but can also help allies or deal damage in a pinch.



You want to start by sticking with the Catmancer job for as long as possible and getting the supportive skills from enemies as quickly as possible. Get the Wing Scales ability from the Great Moths in Harena’s Miasma Woods in Chapter 1. Use this confuse ability to get White Wind from the Aero Lanterns in the Harena Seacaves. Later, you’ll need to wander around Ancheim’s Grand Mill Works until you run across an Iron Man II (B-Type). Use Wing Scales on it, and it’ll cast Panzerlied on your party. White Wind restores allies health equal to the user’s current health, while Panzerlied raises all allies’ physical attack by 25% for four turns. All other Catmancer attacks are damage-based, and it’s easy enough to collect them through light level grinding in the first three or four chapters.


Don’t worry about any of the Catmancer’s support skills for a character with a Catmancer/Patissier build, but know that getting and equipping Learning when you don’t have this job set is critical. You don’t want to miss a chance at getting an important ability. In particular, you want to get the Valtora’s Chomp, which has a 50% chance to reduce an enemy’s health to 1, the Bone Knight’s Mass Attack, which lets allies with less than 20% health join in your attack, and the Flare Lantern’s Book Burning, which deals fire magic damage and has a 50% chance of inflicting silence. All three of these enemies are in the Eisenberg region, with the Valtora and Flare Lantern in the field and the Bone Knight in Grapp Keep.



The Patissier is there to help with all status effects, and all you really want to do here is level the job up enough to earn the Status Ailment Amp, Glace, Items for All, and Prolong Enfeeble support abilities. Status Ailment Amp makes it 25% more likely you’ll inflict a status ailment, while Prolong Enfeeble makes status effects last twice as long. Items for All makes all Bon Appetit recipes and consumable items influence every ally or enemy. Plus, Glace makes helps with anyone using the Patissier as a healer, as it’ll double the effect of HP and MP restoring items.


The key with both of these jobs is to level up Fort-Lune’s Bioplant. It’ll begin producing cat and dessert-related materials. That means every once in a while, you’ll get some free items when visiting Fort-Lune, and you can also buy these items from the adventurer at save points.


Making one character both a Catmancer and Patissier will add a very strong ally to your party. Both jobs are great at weakening enemies, for a price. You can do a lot of good with someone that can make a mean cake or send a cat after an opponent.


Bravely Second is immediately available for the Nintendo 3DS.

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