Cave Considering Crowdfunding To Bring More Shmups To Steam And Consoles



We already know that Cave is bringing its first shooter to Steam this winter (it’s Bug Princess). But wouldn’t you like more of the studio’s catalog on Steam?


This is something that Cave seems to be considering. And it’s thinking about using crowdfunding to make it happen.


A recent post on Cave’s Facebook page asks fans “if we set a crowd funding, will it be good?” Whoever is in charge of the Facebook account then proposes the following model saying that “Personally it’s attractive”:


  • $0.3M to 0.5M: porting a title to Steam
  • $1M: porting it to Steam and PS4
  • $3M: new STG title to a console


There’s no guarantees of this happening but given the positive response Cave has received already, well, you never know.

Chris Priestman