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Celeste Will Let PlayStation 4 Owners Scale A 250 Stage Mountain




At the PlayStation Experience 2016, Matt Makes Games Inc., the developer of Towerfall, showed off Celeste. In this PlayStation 4 platformer, a young woman named Celeste has to claim a mountain fraught with dangers like spikes, massive drops, and awkwardly placed platforms.


Inspired by games from the Super Nintendo-era, players will be tasked with reaching the summit of a mountain in Celeste. This is accomplished by successfully making it from one end of a stage to another, with 250 stages to complete overall. Some locations on the mountain include a haunted resort, former city, and ruins. While it is a single-player adventure, it is possible for Celeste to meet NPCs as she journeys through different areas.


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Celeste is currently in development and will come to the PlayStation 4 in mid-2017.

Jenni Lada
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