Celestian Tales: Old North Is A JRPG Throwback Without The Destined Hero Trope



The creators of Celestian Tales: Old North are adamant that they won’t adhere to the typical JRPG trope of having a destined hero who has to save the world. This is in spite of the game also apparently being a throwback to the genre’s roots.


“You are not special. The world is not about to end. There is no ancient prophecy. No giant mythical beast is about to be unleashed,” reads the game’s description. “But, war is coming.”



Yes, instead of a clash of good and evil, monster and man, Celestian Tales is apparently about taking on responsibility for your family and your country – defending both and not necessarily in battle.


While the game does have turn-based battles, it’s more concerned with having you investigate your army’s own ranks, sniffing out deception and betrayal. An external force threatens your land but its internal that the greatest compromise to your mission can be found. “The story is tailored for a mature audience and questions the bare morals of a human being,” the description continues. “Will you do anything to survive? Will you be steadfast in defending your faith and beliefs? Or will you let yourself be corrupted, little by little, in the name of greater good?”


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On top of that, the game has hand-painted visuals, lets you choose from one of six nobles to play as, and is said to give you plenty of moral choices to deal with. It’ll be out for PC on August 11th as revealed by its Steam page.

Chris Priestman