Certain PS3 Games No Longer Have Access to Update Patches

PS3 Game Update Patches

Certain PS3 games no longer have access to update patches, as reported by users on ResetEra. Users from the forum located a list of games that have been affected by this change through the website PSNProfiles. Changes include the inability to earn trophies, access online play, and in some cases users cannot access DLC. Currently, the list includes a total of over thirty digital and physical games. [Thanks, ResetEra and PSNProfiles!]

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Outside of certain add-ons or extra features becoming inaccessible or bugs being fixed, some update patches are potentially unavailable by region. However, some users on the ResetEra forum are reporting that this instance is due to a database error. Due to this error, the downloaded PS3 game can’t seem to access the update patch through the Sony servers. There is no indication whether or not this issue will be resolved any time soon.

Some of the PS3 games that cannot currently receive update patches includes JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: All Star Battle (EU) SoulCalibur IV (EU) Street Fighter III 3rd Strike Online Edition, and Tekken Tag Tournament 2, to name a few.

This is one of multiple issues people are facing when attempting to get games from the PlayStation Store on the PS3 or other platforms ahead of the shutdown. For example, people are reporting getting the error codes 80029509 and 80029721 when trying to download games from the PS3 PlayStation Store. DeepFriedFishStick on the PlayStation subreddit advised that enabling 2FA on an account and reattempting could solve the issue.

In March 2021, users on ResetEra reported that the PlayStation Store webpage that once allowed consumers to purchase PS3, PlayStation Portable, and PlayStation Vita titles had been taken down. Shortly after, Sony officially announced that these stores would be closing in 2021, with the PS3 and PlayStation Portable storefronts closing in July 2021 and the PlayStation Vita storefront closing in August 2021.

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