A Certain Scientific Railgun’s Ladies Are Headed To This RPG



    The girls from A Certain Scientific Railgun are crossing over into an RPG. It’s a mobile game called My Princess Is The Cutest.



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    Yeah, Japan never ceases to amaze us with title names either. As part of the collaboration, players into it will be able to pick up the girls as above.



    Logging in for five days will net you the SR Misaka Mikoto card.


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    You’ll be able to fight off whatever those monsters are in the screenshot above as well in a special dungeon. The event runs from the 18th of September till the 30th.


    My Princess is the Cutest casts players as that folk lore hero, the Frog Prince. Battles are fought in a slingshot style, as each girl lends their powers to you and you bounce around the battlefield smashing into foes or bosses before momentum is lost. There’s a huge cast of voiced princesses for you to have and hold and argue fervently that yes, this girl is the cutest.


    My Princess is the Cutest is out now on iOS and Android.


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