Chainsaw Man Creator Releases New 200 Page One-Shot “Goodbye, Eri”

Tatsuki Fujimoto One-Shot Goodbye Eri

Chainsaw Man creator Tatsuki Fujimoto’s latest one-shot manga, Goodbye, Eri, is now available to read for free. The 200-page manga is available to read in English via Shueisha’s Manga Plus and the Viz Media website. The Japanese title for the manga is “さよなら絵梨” (Sayonara Eri).

The one-shot manga was teased earlier this month from multiple sources. Much like his previous work, Goodbye, Eri is an emotional tale. It follows a young boy who is tasked with filming his mother, who has a serious illness. In the course of these events, he meets a young girl named Eri. The manga follows the two characters as they navigate through their feelings using smartphone video recordings.

The one-shot comes nearly a year after the release of Fujimoto’s previous one-shot, Look Back. Dealing with similar themes, Look Back became an overnight hit in Japan upon release, garnering over 2.5 million views in a day and breaking previous Shonen Jump records.

Fujimoto is also working on the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man, which will begin airing sometime in 2022. Studio MAPPA, of Jujutsu Kaisen fame, is in charge of animation. Furthermore, the second part of the Chainsaw Man manga series is also starting in Summer 2022.

The Goodbye, Eri one-shot is available to read for free on Shueisha’s Manga Plus, as well as on the Viz Media website.

Andrew Kiya
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