Channel A Series Of Warriors In One-Hit-Kill Fighter Dynasty Feud



A single hit will down the warriors of Dynasty Feud, but as the Warden Spirit of dynasties of Vikings, Aztecs, medieval knights, and cowboys, you can summon another hero to take their place.




The player can choose the Warden Spirit of one of the four dynasties, giving them access to five different warriors from that dynasty, each with their own abilities. Should you take a hit while playing as one of the warriors, that one will die, leaving you in your spirit state for a few moments before you can summon another fighter. You can still annoy your opponents while waiting for a new warrior with your Warden powers, though.




Dynasty Feud will let two to four players battle across Viking ships, trains in the Old West, and Ragnarok, both online and offline. The game is currently going through Steam Greenlight, with a projected release in 3rd quarter this year.

Alistair Wong
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