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Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe Is Headed To North America And Europe



Siliconera learned today from FK Digital that Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe, the PS4 sequel to Chaos Code on PS3, is headed to North America and Europe.


The fighter recently released in Japan and Asia, bringing two new characters in Lupinus and Ray, along with a new Network Mode featuring net code that was done in collaboration with Ark System Works, and more.


Cha_lup Cha_ray

The above is a look at the two new playable characters in New Sign of Catastrophe, adding to the full cast of 16 unique characters with customizable fighting styles.


カオスコード -ニューサインオブカタストロフィ-_20161011150644

カオスコード -ニューサインオブカタストロフィ-_20161011153723

In addition to the Classic Arcade Mode, the game features VS Mode, Practice Mode, the new Survival Mode, Score Attack Mode, and the Mission Mode that boasts over 50 challenges.


カオスコード -ニューサインオブカタストロフィ-_20161011163032

カオスコード -ニューサインオブカタストロフィ-_20161104165659

In addition tot he regular “Run” and “Step,” players will get to choose two new movement styles in “Chaos” and “Boss.”


カオスコード -ニューサインオブカタストロフィ-_20161011152338

カオスコード -ニューサインオブカタストロフィ-_20161011153137

With emphasis on giving players a unique feel, the “Custom Color Mode” allows players to set their own color preferences for their favorite colors.


カオスコード -ニューサインオブカタストロフィ-_20161011101516

カオスコード -ニューサインオブカタストロフィ-_20161011101730

The Network Online Multiplayer allows you to fight your way up the ladder in the Rank Match, or you can hit up the Player Match to take turns fighting without worrying about scores and rankings with up to seven other players.


カオスコード -ニューサインオブカタストロフィ-_20161011173053

カオスコード -ニューサインオブカタストロフィ-_20161104165956


Chaos Code: New Sign of Catastrophe is available in Japan and Asia as a digital title on PS4. The Asia version features English and Chinese text with Japanese voiceovers. A release date for North America and Europe has yet to be announced.

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