It’s Chaos When Online Gets Into A Side-Scrolling Brawler



Chaos Crusaders is a new online multiplayer side-scrolling brawler. With classes. And skills. And combo meters. And a chat function.


This new PC game from DMM Games has players dashing back and forth as one of several classes while beating down foes. These classes can advance later on to more powerful variants of themselves with access to different skill sets—all tied to a hotbar system, while still looking like it moves very, very fast.


Check the four classes available during the closed beta test. Beta sign-ups for the game are already closed, but we’ll keep you posted on any new info that pops up.




Kunlun Fist Warrior:

As he suggest, this warrior from the Kunlun mountains uses his fists as weapons. He’s considered a balanced character with some restrained movesets that are nonetheless lethal when he gets in close.




Falling prey to the Chainmail Bikini syndrome, the female ninja is fast, agile and deadly. She throws kunai’s while slashing foes with her katana, and is able to use both the legendary Taijutsu techniques of ninjas alongside their equally legendary powers of magic, Ninjutsu.



Aura Knight:

The impregnable defensive bulwark of any group, the Aura Knight fights with sword and shield and is able to block incoming blows easily. He also has a special “Aura Force” technique that lends strength to his blows.



Land Trooper:

The most tricky of the starting four classes you can choose to play as, the Land Trooper is able to swap between close-range “Blasting Modules” and long-range pistols as he reacts to the situation at hand.


We’ll have more on Chaos Crusaders as further details are shared.