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Chapter 2 of Fire Emblem Engage Manga Introduces Alfred

fire emblem engage manga

The latest chapter of the Fire Emblem Engage manga is now out on Weekly Shonen Jump+. This is an online manga service in which you can read certain chapters of various series for free. Alfred and the other prominent members of the Firene Queendom debut in this chapter.

When the chapter starts, it quickly explains the various territories in Elyos, as well as what Emblem Rings are. Afterwards, when Alear is helping up with the clean-up after the attack from the previous chapter, Etie saves him from falling rubble. He mistakes her as a soldier from Brodia, though she quickly corrects him. When he sees Alfred also easily lifting up rubble, Alear wonders if they really aren’t from Brodia. At the end of the chapter, it ends with mysterious enemies attacking the Ring Chamber.

Players of the Fire Emblem Engage game should be able to note some differences between the source material and the manga. Alfred and the other members of his entourage do not appear until the Ring Chamber attack. That was when they made their debut as playable units in the game. The manga also alludes to Alfred’s health issues, though this was unknown to the player at this point of the game.

Fire Emblem Engage is available on the Nintendo Switch. You can read the Fire Emblem Engage manga on Weekly Shonen Jump+.

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