Character Classes Help Choose How To Best Soak Friends & Foes In Battle Splash


Battle Splash offers many different ways to soak the opponent, with four classes that will either help players drench their foes or keep themselves dry.


With up to thirty-two players looking to soak each other in a given match, various character classes can add some elements of strategy to a player’s attack. Players are free to choose from four different classes, with the scout/sniper class offering precise aim and the ability to show other players where their opponents are on the map. The tank class can soak up water and still keep playing, and can also deploy shields that will keep other players dry. The medic will further help keep the water at bay through disks that revive and dry players, which may be necessary if a character playing the assault class nails someone with their water turrets.

Players can still customize their class to an extent, with all weapons being available for all classes. Players also don’t have to rely on medics to keep them dry, as their characters will naturally dry off as they run around the map. However, players will also find themselves getting wetter easier than they may in other shooters, as water splashes off of impacts on other players and from water grenades.


Battle Splash is available now on Steam Early Access.

Alistair Wong
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