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Metallica’s Quirky Companions In The Witch and the Hundred Knights



You’d think that having a knight who can turn into a hundred cavalrymen would be more than Metallica could handle, but apparently there are more shenanigans she’s going to have to deal with. Introducing some of the key characters you’ll be seeing in Nippon Ichi’s The Witch and the Hundred Knights.





She is the prodigy Marsh Witch who controls the Hundred Knights. Her goal is to destroy her long-time rival, the Forest Witch, and she’ll do anything it takes to achieve her objectives. After defeating the Forest Witch, her wish is to turn everything into marshlands. Truly an anti-hero.


The Hundred Knights


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The Hundred Knights is who the player controls. He is originally supposed to be the legendary deity with overwhelming powers, summoned by the Marsh Witch herself… but something seems to be off for some reason.





Alrekino is the butler who takes care of the Marsh Witch. He’s faithful, but tends to speak in words of insolent politeness. He takes a lot of unreasonable abuse from Metallica and is rather banged up.




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Visco has been cursed by a witch and she is actually part dog. She shares similar traits to canines, as she is honest and faithful. However, she gets teased and called the “Dog Princess” by those around her. She decides to tag along with Metallica, in hopes of finding a way to lift the curse.


Lana Nia Luccini


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Lana is an obedient and high-spirited shepherd who lives in the Tettara desert, which is the native place where he and his family practice astrological star reading. However, he admires witches more than star reading, and dreams of becoming a witch one day.





Nezaria is a witch who has the magic to manupulate fog. She doesn’t talk much and her pretty looks can be deceiving, as she’s actually one of the most talented and capable witches out there. Nezaria acts as the chairwoman of witches during their gatherings. She rarely talks at those meetings and often leaves all the speaking to her talking-staff.




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Teresse is an apprentice witch who is at the verge of becoming an official one. She is currently training under a certain witch to get more practice. She seems to have some sort of motive, and has trouble-making tendencies as she follows Metallica and the others around.


The Witch and the Hundred Knights is slated to be released on July 25th in Japan in regular and limited editions, for PlayStation 3.


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